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frequently asked questions

Q – Which one is cheaper, solar or wind?


A – Solar is cheaper, more efficient and requires less maintenance than wind energy.  

Q – How much does a high quality Solar Water Heater cost and is it worth it?


A – Approximately $120,000 JMD upwards and should pay for itself in the savings on your light-bill.  

Q – How long is the installation process?


A – It depends on the size of the system. Typically the entire installation process takes a few days to complete (3-7 days). Solar water heaters take approx. 2-3 hours to complete the installation.  

Q – Can I run my existing electric water heater on my new off-grid solar energy system?


No, It is not recommended that you waste the electricity generated by the solar system to run an electric water heater because they required a tremendous amount of power to produce hot water. Solar water heaters are independent from the off-grid solar energy system and require no electricity; instead it uses copper lined glass tubes to absorb the sun’s heat to warm the water and stores it in a thermal tank for later use.  

Q – Should I disconnect my JPS supply after going green with solar?


A – No you should not; even though you would become your own independent producer of electricity it is always a good idea to have a secondary back-up power source.  

Q – Do I need a designated area to mount all my equipment for the solar system and about what size ?


 A – Yes, you need a control room or area that’s isolated from your general living area, such as the garage. Often times a room has to be added onto the property to accommodate the new off-grid solar system, at least an 8’x8’ room should suffice.  

Q – Can I incorporate a generator into my design for the off-grid solar energy system?


A – Yes, in most cases the system can be configured to accommodate a generator as a second or third power supply source with seamless automatic transfer between power sources.

Q – Can I incorporate a wind turbine into my renewable energy set-up?


A – Yes, whenever you combine more than one renewable source it is called a hybrid system. Solar generates in direct current and is more efficient as a charging source. Wind energy is less cost effective and productive than solar but can be a valuable addition to your off-grid system if your location is very windy. Wind turbines contain moving parts that wear over time and requires constant maintenance.   

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